Our Acquisitions


NMT has an excellent track record of acquiring and integrating global businesses, their products and services into one of two medical divisions – Design & Manufacturing or Healthcare Solutions. Having completing 10 medical device acquisitions worldwide in just 8 years, NMT has made a cumulative M&A investment just over $120MM.

M&A Discipline – A Proven Process

Attract | Develop | Partner

Creating valuable long-term relationships through partnership to develop and attract potential acquisitions with key medical device companies, having a focus on vertical and horizontal integration of customers, products or technologies worldwide with a focus in North America, Europe and Japan.

Agree | Close

Engage with a transparent and streamlined process initiated through a LOI forming the backbone of either an SPA or APA. Illustrate past examples of how other acquired companies have moved through the process while keeping owner/operators engaged with a future vision to ensure a fast and accurate due diligence process and close.

Communicate | Integrate | Synergize

Focus on a detailed communication within all levels of the acquired organization. Outline and execute on a well-planned and transparent integration plan, ensuring synergies are realized and the business is poised for growth.

Acquired Companies