A Message from our CEO

To Our Global Stakeholders,

Nissha Medical Technologies (NMT) provides a global footprint to support our three distinct divisions. Our strategic focus continues to be a balance of high velocity growth with consistent return to our stakeholders. We are a customer centric organization striving to meet the needs of our customers in an expanding global market.

We never rest on our laurels. Our nimbleness allows us to be more responsive to the ever changing requirements of our markets and needs of our individual customers. 

Sam Heleba
President & CEO
Nissha Medical Technologies

Executive Leadership Team

Sam Heleba
President & CEO
Mike Memminger
Chief Financial Officer
Direct Report: Mike DeMaria
Direct Report: Tom Hadala
Jonathon Casey
Chief Integration Officer
Direct Report: Jennifer Wolff
Direct Report: Mike Molea
Direct Report: Johannes Keplinger
Direct Report: Adam Custis
Dr. Michael Gaglio
Executive Vice President
Direct Report: Matt Kallin
Eric Sherraden
Executive Vice President - Global Operations
Brandon Hoffman
Executive Vice President
Direct Report: Peter O'Loughlin
Direct Report: Tariq Abalis
Jessica Potter
Vice President of Global Quality & Regulatory
Direct Report: Marcel Salchner
Katie Przybyl
Vice President of Human Resources
Tony Scime
Vice President - Operations

Products & Services Leadership Team

Tariq Abalis
Vice President of Business Development
Peter O'loughlin
Group Vice President
Matthew Kallin
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Global Shared Services Leadership Team

Jennifer Wolff
Senior Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications
Mike Molea
Director of Information Technology
Adam Custis
Vice President - Global Supply Chain
Johannes Keplinger
Managing Director - European Operations
Marcel Salchner
Director Global Regulatory Compliance
Tom Hadala
Director of Corporate FP&A & Reporting
Mike DeMaria
Director of Corporate Finance